Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Who are we, anyway?

How remiss of me not to introduce us at the beginning of this project! The main swwhepsrch project team consists of three people all based at Swansea University library:-

Mark Hughes is project head. Mark is Head of Collections at Swansea University and was formerly Virtual Academic Library project manager for SWWHEP, where he was involved in the original choice of VuFind as the project’s discovery platform. He has worked in academic and public libraries for 14 years, mainly in the systems and service management fields, including LMS and RFID implementation. He is leading the work of the case study project.

Paul Johnson is project manager, and is the current SWWHEP Virtual Academic Library project manager, having previously been the project’s systems officer. He has worked in public and academic libraries, and spent much of his career working for library systems suppliers, in software development, data conversion, system implementations and support. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of this project.

Luke O’Sullivan, the project officer, is systems officer and the main developer for the Virtual Academic Library project. His previous roles included five years at Swansea public libraries, working on projects including the procurement, configuration and support of a new LMS and RFID system. He has done most of the enhancement work for VuFind.


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