Friday, 15 October 2010

JISC LMS Programme Meeting at ECDL 2010

Our three project members, Mark Hughes, Paul Johnson and Luke O'Sullivan attended the JISC LMS Programme Meeting at the ECDL 2010 conference in Glasgow in the second week of September.

The LMS, OSS and UI strands were extremely useful and it was great to meet people with similar projects, particularly when they were willing to share ideas and code!

Many of us came to the conclusion that we were desperately trying to re-invent the wheel when we should be pooling resources to create killer applications. Once the gripes over the current market were discussed for cathartic therapy, there was plenty of optimism for the future.

From an iFind Discover perspective, we hope to benefit from the work currently under development at LSE regarding dynamic location mapping, Sussex's CREDAUL project and Kent University's Project Keven.

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